Hiring Diverse Candidates is the Key

Hispanic Network

Spring 2023

Kelly Navarro shares the importance of diversity as a business strategy: In a global talent market, organizations need to recognize diversity in the workplace as a business strategy.  The value of a diverse workforce directly impacts an organization’s success and the business community. Forward thinking organizations and leaders understand its paramount.

Know Your Superpower: The Road to the C Suite

Hispanic Network

Fall 2022

Kelly Navarro, through her sheer determination and resilience, has shattered barriers in reaching the C-suite. Her journey was not without immense hardships. She transformed challenges into stepping stone and overcame; proving that her strength knew no bounds.

Kelly Navarro Is an Unstoppable Chief People Officer

Hispanic Executive Magazine

Volume 16, Issue 71

May 21, 2022

Kelly Navarro’s remarkable resilience and determination forged through immense hardships in her life have fueled her commitment to the workforce. Her experience shaped her into an advocate for those whose life journeys parallel her own and serves as an example of what can be achieved through determination and dedication.